Scrutineering Contacts 

Contact any of the below to arrange a time to have your car green sheeted. 

Conditions for green sheeting include:

Appointment confirmed with scrutineer. 

Driver only at place of appointment, no crewmembers etc. 

Minimum fee of $25.00 payable on scrutineer's arrival (within city limits). 

SNZ zero tolerance on verbal abuse and violence policy will be enforced (including scrutineer's). 

Must be a current financial member of Woodford Glen Speedway Association. 

Out of town green sheeting can be arranged with the conditions set out for home greensheeting, except the scrutineer will confirm cost of inspection first. 

Practice meeting green sheets by appointment only, unannounced vehicles won't be accepted. Alex Gowans will allocate times for practice checks.

Vehicle preparation for check:

Vehicle on axle stands with wheels off.

Body, wing and bonnet must be removed.

Seat belts to be fitted to vehicle, race ready.

All wheels ready for stamping.

Alex Gowans

Head Scrutineer

Alex Gowans

 Mark Rush

Super Saloons, A Grades/Saloons and Production Saloons

Alex Gowans​


Alex Gowans
Mark Rush


Superstocks and Stockcars

Alex Gowans



Alex Gowans
Paul Newman


Gavin Hill 
HPE Automotive Services

Glen Durie
Engine Reconditioners


SNZ Certified Engine Sealer

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